Polish National Committee of
International Council on Monuments and Sites


  • The Royal Castle in Warsaw
    The Royal Castle in Warsaw
  • Toruń, The Old Town
    Toruń, The Old Town
  • The Royal Lazienki, Warsaw
    The Royal Lazienki, Warsaw
  • The Wawel Castle, Cracow
    The Wawel Castle, Cracow
  • Zamość
  • Museum of Żupy Krakowskie, Wieliczka
    Museum of Żupy Krakowskie, Wieliczka
  • Malbork

W imieniu Fondazione Romualdo Del Bianco przekazujemy informację o Międzynarodowym Festiwalu "The Wordl in Florence", który odbędzie się we Florencji, w dniach 21-23 Listopada 2023 roku. Poniżej zamieszczamy informacje na temat festiwalu: 


  • CULTURAL STORYTELLING 2023 - "Conscious Itineraries"

The participants (representative from the local communities and the youngster in architecture, art, heritage and tourism management disciplines) will have the opportunity to enhance their tangible and intangible heritage of their territory, by creating and presenting some new itineraries capable of making visitors more responsible and aware in their journeys, following the principles and guidelines of the Foundation’s "Luoghi Parlanti (Talking Places) program. Participants that want to present the cultural storytelling of their territory can click here and register.



Actively participate in TWIF2023 and click here to register by July 31st, 2023, to benefit from the "EARLY BIRD" discount!

Besides, participants to the Festival can also attend (in person or remotely):


  • 2023 LEARNING JOURNEY - "Places and Cultures in Transitions: Overtourism - Issues and Challenges"

This year, the central theme that brings us together will be heritage and mobility, with a particular focus on the effects of overtourism on heritage, travel, the environment, and intercultural dialogue, which have always been at the core of our Foundation's activities.

With the advent of Chat GPT and artificial intelligence, it is easy to think that heritage conservation is assured and that overtourism is now an outdated concept. However, the research and promotion of "tourist showcases" actually fuel its ongoing advancement.

Starting from the origins of travel and the critical aspects generated by overtourism, the "Learning Journey" session will be an opportunity to share experiences and knowledge with international experts, industry professionals, academics, and local representatives from different parts of the world. Together, we will develop innovative solutions to support the role of heritage and tourism in fostering peace, inclusiveness, and sustainable development.


  • EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS 2023 - "Heritage Enhancement"

The program has also been enriched by the possibility for participants to enrol and take part in the "Storytelling for Heritage Enhancement" seminar and the "Study Tour Program”, which will run concurrently or in the days immediately following the Festival: an opportunity to learn from narrative and heritage experts how to master the tools of storytelling to attract visitors to a special heritage site, as well as to engage local communities in awareness and hospitality.

Therefore, the upcoming edition of TWIF 2023 will be an unparalleled moment to engage in stimulating discussions, share ideas, listen to authoritative voices in the field, connect with stakeholders, and forge partnerships and future projects in support of sustainable and inclusive tourism.



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